Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Midnight snack? Snickers

Shopping spree? Nordstrom's

Late-night TV? Jay Leno or Craig Ferguson. For really late night - MASH

Cocktail? A marjarita

Fashion addiction? Black

Rainy-day movie? Any chick flick with lots of tears.

Beauty Binge: My perfume costs over $100

Fast food? Chick fil a


Paperback Writer said...

Midnight snack: fried chicken, if we have it
Shopping spree: The Gap (yeah, I'm a Gap girl)
Late-night TV: My eyelids. Oh, okay...Leno.
Cocktail: sloe gin fizz
Fashion addiction: anything black
Rainy-day movie: depends on my mood
Beauty Binge: anything from Sephora
Fast food? Chick fil a, Arby's

Two Roads said...

sloe gin fizz - oh goodness I haven't heard anyone order that drink in ages!

Arby's sauce - yummy