Monday, May 07, 2007

New York City

I want to thank everyone that donated for me walking in the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Breast Cancer this past weekend. I believe this was the first year that the weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time. No rain and 68 degrees during the day - perfect for shorts and long sleeve t-shirts. Albeit the NYers were still wearing boots, scarves and heavy jackets. By the time all my collections get posted I will have also raised the most I have ever raised in the years I have been doing this walk - over $1800. It may not sound like a lot but I want my friends and family to give whatever amount they feel comfortable giving. So again, a big Thank You for contributing!

After the walk we went to Carnegie Deli and Susan/Lucille (who knows what her real name is) was our waittress. Feisty lady who had the whole table agog with her quick wit! "Can we order now?" "No, I get the drinks first, then take my heart tablet, then you can order your meal" I did a little shopping - 2 blouses, a skirt and 2 pairs of shoes - when did NYC stop charging tax on clothes? Of course, I had to go to the American Girl store and get my niece some accessories for her doll - Nicki (the girl of the year). You should check it out, this doll is so pretty - blond hair, light freckles and blue eyes. I was amazed at the setup - there is a beauty shop in the store that girls bring their dolls to have the doll's hair done (or redone or whatever you do with doll hair - I used to just cut it off and see if it would grow back). There is also a picture studio so girls can have their picture taken with their doll. What is so special about these dolls? Nothing from what I can tell. The dolls aren't even anatomically correct. The faces (doll heads) are very pretty and the clothes, accessories and marketing are fantastic.

Other places I ate: Dos Caminos - yummy, yummy guacomole - not your typical Mexican food fare; reservations highly recommended; Seattle Cafe - great food for decent price not a lot of seating; City Crab - good crab cakes and shrimp. Ruby Foos - the best spicy tuna sushi roll of any place I have had sushi.

All in all, it was a great trip for a worthwhile cause!


Neil said...

Thank YOU for doing it.

Paperback Writer said...

$1800!!! That's great!!

I'm very proud of you!

Two Roads said...

It definitely is a long way from the original $600. Thanks PW & Neil - ya'll are the best!