Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bees & things

What a weekend. BFNM is off to The Kingdom. For all those that don't know what or where The Kingdom is that would be Saudi Arabia. Now you may ask, why on earth would he go halfway across the world to work? Couldn't he find a job here? The answer isn't quite that simple. Most of the feedback that he got while pursuing other position was his lack of international exposure. International exposure in the sense of being in the thick of things not just looking at it from the outside. For almost two years he's been building a relationship with the management of the company of one of his friends from grad school. While he will be at the same company as his friend, he will be in a different location and not connected with any business that his friend is working on.

Before he left I tried to get him to sign up for Skype. I even went out and bought a video cam so that when we "talked" we could at least see each other. Not only is it expensive to talk via the cell phone but it also cost (him not me) to send text messages. He is not sure of how good his internet access will be in his location - for now the blackberry works. His landed safely and will be looking for a permanent residence aka secured compound. He took a piece of my heart with him to keep him safe. I probably won't sleep very well for the next 12 months.

As to the bees, I awoke this morning to a swarm of bees in my bathroom. I freaked out. Not just a little freaked out, a big freaked out. My condo association did not consider it a valid emergency. Now this is not like something I could fix or prevent on my own. I live essentially on the third floor of a 4 story building and the bees apparently were coming through the bathroom vent that is suppose to take moisture & smells out of the bathroom. When I went outside to take a look there were hundreds of bees swarming around the vent and it looked like a flap that would prevent anything from getting in was missing. Most likely the bees have setup a nest and now that winter is officially over they are through hibernating. I complained to the president of the condo and showed her my bee graveyard. I killed almost 25 bees before things settled down. I'm not sure where the bees went but I am scared they will be back. I called 911 and they gave me the name of a Bee guy who I promptly called and he said he would come out but he never showed up. So tomorrow I am hoping I can get a pest control out here to take care of this. I just hope they have a ladder or spray that can reach high enough and accurately enough to the vent to make sure they kill the nest. I'm taking suggestions on what to do in the interim.

So I now have two things to keep me up tonight - thinking about BFSM's (Best Friend Saudi Man) safety and my safety of not getting stung in the middle of the night.


Paperback Writer said...

Good grief!

Have you tried smoking them out?

Two Roads said...

I thought of leaving candle burning but then I couldn't leave my place without blowing the candle out. The exterminator is coming tomorrow. I hope he doesn't have to smoke them out - no telling when I will get the smell out.