Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday. Not a big one - that's for next year. Big birthdays are defined as ending in 5 or 0. Let's just say next year's ends with a zero. Wow, hard to believe. Anyway, here's what I received from BFNM. Do you see a theme here?

The book titles are: The Kitty Kama Sutra (because he knows I refer to the Kama Sutra for everything!); 50 Dates Worse than Yours (because he knows all about the jerk Hardbody); and Bad Sex (because he's had it and I haven't!).

He also bought me the most beautiful scarf from Hermes - my first real designer scarf. I'm going out and buying an outfit to wear with the scarf. Or should I just wear the scarf as the outfit? HMMMMMMMMMMMM, possibilities. :>)

Love to you all! Have a great day!


Paperback Writer said...


Happy (belated) birthday!!!


Two Roads said...

Thanks PW! I had a delightful day!