Friday, December 01, 2006

Things are looking good

From my perspective the interviews went very well. Yesterday the consultant was hoity-toity but according to the managing partner I "passed" the consultant's review. I met the last staff person today and while our time was very limited once again I think I made a personal connection. My last interview will be with the accounting firm. This interview won't occur until Tuesday morning so I have 4 more days of waiting. It will probably be the classic boring interview asking about why I left previous positions and what do I want to be when I grow up. I am confident this will go without a hitch as long as I "pass the "psycho" test. Hah! Since we all know that anyone that writes a blog has an edge to them in addition to creative talents and intelligence I am sure my score will be off the charts! I really feel like this company is ready to make an offer and just want the last "approval" from the outside accountants. I will continue to be cautiously optimistic - so I hope everyone will continue to join me on pins and needles until next week.

In the meantime, BFNM is struggling with his unemployment situation. He feels he needs to find something yesterday and all his efforts are leading nowhere. While he was daing DDG, I didn't share much of my frustrations because I didn't feel it was my place. I kept much of my sadness and frustrations to myself. I know I call him my best friend and very close at that but I had to allow him to become emotionally attached to someone else and that meant there were things I just didn't think would be appropriate to share with him at the time. Sharing these anxieties when we are both single is different because you are not taking away your emotions from someone else. I mostly suffered in silence at night and kept my spirits up during the day. Creating the blog also became an outlet for me.

Some of the things I did do entailed the following:

Writing (it didn’t even need to be about me – I wrote about computer frustrations, cell phone issues, how to build a pool the wrong way, house sitting, whatever was on my mind when I sat down to put pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard.)

Reading – newspapers, magazines, books – some business related some just plain trash

Getting out and away from the computer for at least 3 or 4 hours a day

Giving myself a pat on the back for the efforts (no matter how small) I was making

Staying away from negative influences

I wish I could say I exercised but alas I was delinquent in this effort but am going back slowly

Found somebody or something to make me laugh at least once a day

Only looked at the schedule in terms of the next day and never more than a week in advance

Went to places that always welcomed me

Movies – home and at the theatre

Didn’t shy away from telling people I was looking for employment (this was the hardest one for me)

Learned some new cooking skills

Indulged myself with sleeping later some days

Sent good karma to someone each night before I nodded off to sleep

Each of us have to find our way through these downturns in our life. I'm not saying mine was the right way; surprisingly, it worked for me. It continues to work because I believe good things do happen to good people.

Thanks to you all. You are an inspiration to my optimism.


Swishy said...

That's a great list. I think they can apply during lots of the trying times life throws at us.

I still have my fingers crossed for you and BFNM.

Two Roads said...

Thanks Swishy. I hope your fingers don't get tired of staying crossed it could be a long time before BFNM comes around. :)

Neil said...

Hoping you get everything you want.

Karitown said...

Good luck. I'll cross everything on me, too.

Paperback Writer said...

Keep sending good karma out. Something is bound to come back to you in a good way.

sbukophile said...

Hey there Two Roads,
I've just come back to my own blog and looking at other people's blogs again, so am a little behind. Yesterday I read through all your posts about BFNM... you sure are When Harry Met Sally! I don't know how you've lasted through all this time like this! When I was in a similar situation (yet still quite different) with a close guy friend, another close guy friend (with whom I'd had a romantic relationship with that turned into just friends--and good friends too) told me that the guy had no reason to change the situation. He was getting his, ahem, physical needs met with his girlfriend and his companionship/best friend needs met with me. It's not that he didn't find me attractive necessarily, it's just that he had no reason to change things. In the end, I never did end up ever getting romantic with that guy friend and he is still a very good friend, and now I find that looking back with the hindsight of having met my soulmate/husband, we would NOT have made a good couple. I like him as a friend only. It is kind of ironic though that this same guy friend had such a hard time when I told him I was engaged to my now husband, and it took us a few years to adjust the friendship and for him to become more friendly with the husband... once I wasn't available you see...

Having said all this, I am not drawing a complete parallel here with your situation. As only you two know deep down if there is something there other than friendship. I'm also not sure that I'm trying to *tell* you anything other than, there are parts of your story that feel similar to things I've gone through, so I do know some of the anguish.

We can't help who we fall for, whether requited, unrequited, or unsurequited.

You sound like a strong and capable woman and I also wish you the best of luck with the interviews!

Sending you warm, hopeful wishes for all the right things to happen!

Two Roads said...

Sbukophile: thanks so much for your story. It does seem that there is a parallel to what you went through and how I am "involved" with BFNM. I do know what I want out of a relationship. While I am more open minded about pursuing the relationship beyond its current state I will not be the one that "puts in on the table." Because one of the things I find attractive in a man is them wanting to move the relationship ahead. Not to say that there aren't days when I want more or days when I am perfectly content to leave things as they are.

What I do know is that I have a fantastic person who is apart of my life. He brings me a lot of happpiness and inspiration in on so many levels. I am able to appreciate the "gifts" he has not only taught me but given me. Because of all of those things, I am extremely grateful. I could wish for more all I want and never get it. Instead I choose to be grateful for what I have here and now and be extremely happy.

Thanks for the wishes of luck on the interviews.

sbukophile said...

I was just about to send a comment asking if you were an Aries (I am) and decided to see if it was in your profile. You (and I) sound like a typical Aries!