Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pins and Needles

Okay. I finished the last interviews yesterday and took my insanity (those inane psychological tests to see if I'm mentally balanced and if I am smart) tests. I then sent off a nice email to the decision maker indicating my continued interest and enthusiasm with the position and to find out what the next steps are. Every time the phone rang yesterday I jumped up to grab it only to be disappointed that it was a friend or family member checking in to see if I had heard anything. I was disappointed it was a friend or family member not disappointed that they were concerned about what was going on.

Job searching is so much like dating. So now I have gone out on a few dates (interviews); the dates have all been good; all my experiences have been positive and there were indications that I would be able to meet the family (treated as if they were ready to have me become an employee); so I sit by the phone and the computer waiting for a call or email.

Deep breaths! Repeating mantra: You've got the job! Be patient.


Paperback Writer said...

I'm sending you good karma.

Two Roads said...

Cabernet Sauvignon would be good too! ;D

Fringes said...

Deep breaths, yes. Those tests are expensive. Prospective employers don't offer them to people who don't have the job pending a positive test outcome. Hang in there. You'll be fine.

Two Roads said...

Fringes, thanks so much. My thoughts are with you too! Take care of yourself.