Thursday, October 26, 2006


Whew - made it through the interview. I was suppose to meet with 2 people but the one person who kept changing the schedule on us was a no-show. I was meeting with the accounting firm partners of the client that needs me! I had a previous phone screen with the tax partner (who showed up) and she wanted me to meet the audit partner (who was the no-show). When the tax partner sat down she said the audit partner wasn't going to show but it didn't matter anyway because she liked me and was going to go ahead and recommend me to her client for the position. It was a great breakfast! So now I have to wait for the call from the client for an interview with the CFO. You are doing a good job sending great karma my way - I appreciate it if you continue for a little while longer. :>)

Spent most of the rest of the day discussing with my best friend the best way to break up with his girlfriend (that would be the one in Naples, Fla). He wrote one of the most thought out letters I have ever seen and never received. There were no accusations, no name calling, no judgments made. However, the letter didn't go over very well. Needless to say, it's over. My shoulder, ear and cell phone will be getting a lot of use over the next few days. Endings are never easy.


Swishy said...

Endings suck. Sounds like he'll be better off, though.

Trying my best to send good karma!

Two Roads said...

Swishy, do you ever sleep?

I hope he is able to learn a lot about himself during this relationship. I know I have learned a lot about how I would like a relationship to progress and hopefully won't make the mistakes that he has gone through.

Thanks for the good karma - I'm feeling it!!!!

Churlita said...

How great for you! Are you able to take the gigantic sigh yet?

Two Roads said...

Churlita - I'm not following your train of thought concerning the "gigantic sigh yet". If you mean, taking a step forward with by best friend - no. I'm old fashioned that way and prefer the man chase and woo the woman. When and if he ever figures it out and I'm available then that will be the time to take the next step. If you mean something else, help me out.

Two Roads said...

Oops Churlita - I accidently hit the wrong button but here's the message you left:

Churlita has left a new comment on your post "Update":

I mean, like a sigh of relief. it seems like work (and possibly deeper friendship?) might be in the works for you. So, as we hold our breath working on all the details, we will hopefully get to a point where they become ironed out and then we can finally release a happy sigh. I'm wishing that for you right now. I hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Does that make sense?

Me: That makes absolute sense. Thanks for the happy thoughts!

Viscountess of Funk said...

I say you need to drop some serious hints or the man won't know you're interested and will be too scared to make the first move because he won't want to get rejected and ruin a great friendship. Here's what you do. Say, in your own words, how if you and he don't find the perfect mate in a matter of a year, you'll be each other's "back-up plan," or something to that effect. It will get him thinking. Also, in your own words, make sure he knows what a good catch he is.

(Please note that I haven't had a date since 1982, so I'm a little rusty.)

Two Roads said...

VOF-we have already had the "ruin a great friendship" discussion. He can be a little slow on recognizing a good thing when it stares him in the face just as it took him 6 months to realize that he was in a bad relationship. The good news is that now his sister, brother in law, daughter and granddaughter have all met me and according to BFNM "they all love me". So since family is generally the ones to knock some sense in people every once in awhile perhaps it can happen in this case too. His daughter has been extremely open with him and will tell him if she thinks he should pursue a relationship or not. She just needs to be prepared to talk through his rationalization of why we should just remain friends and tell him "Bullshit" because the goal would be that your significant other romantically and intimately would also be your best friend.

As for him knowing he's a good catch, I have told him that on and off for about a year now. He's heard it on numerous occasions from me and even more so lately. We are very appreciative and grateful for each other and we have no problems expressing this appreciation - whether in email, phone conversations, cards, or face to face conversations. Nonetheless, my need is to be chased or wooed instead of me doing the chasing or initiating a relationship. I'm not a game player. So if I guy is going to woo me, I am not going to run in the other direction.