Thursday, September 07, 2006

You found me

I find it amusing that when you sign up for Technorati you are automatically ranked. Me, I am ranked as of today at 1,088,701. Therefore, I have a long way to go before I am popular.

I have always written down my thoughts. Most of what I have written revolves around relationships – the hopes, dreams, anxiety, frustrations – the essence of those thoughts are just for me. Is it weird that some of the blogs I find interesting are the ones where someone is more than willing to expose all facets of their life to complete strangers? I did lurk for a long time because I just didn’t have anything to say. You could deduce I lurk on my own life and only make a comment in my journal when I have something to say.

The first blog I read was Greek Tragedy. I accidentally discovered other blogs when my mouse rolled over the commentators name and became a link in which I could click through to others. While Greek Tragedy had a section for other blogs she reads I didn’t find any of these as compelling. Reason – I get enough intellectual thought on a daily basis from my friends, family and work – I didn’t need another outlet for intellectual thought through the internet. Greek Tragedy can be raunchy, sassy, sad, happy, suggestive, stupid, silly – much like a long-time friend. From GT, I found Manic Mom – a complete opposite from GT and yet Manic Mom writes like an old friend. I actually corresponded with Manic Mom before starting my own blog (that encouraging tone again). From there I just starting clicking through whenever I found a blog name that struck my fancy.

What I like about the blogs that I label “Inspirations” is that they all reflect a little bit of me. GT – thoughts on relationships; Manic Mom – family; Citizen of the Month – humor; Paperback Writer – love of reading and writing; Just My Type – an observer; Dubious Wonder – inner struggles; and TrueBlue 4 Ever – just never know where this one is going. There are more blogs that I read or at least stop by on a regular basis but is it really necessary to link to every single thing I read? The adventure has been finding the other blogs. I’m betting on somebody finding me too and maybe by the end of the year my rank will be 1,088,650. Aim small, miss small theory.

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Neil said...

I find this linking and blogrolling one of the dumbest parts of blogging. Do I walk around with my friends' names tattooed on my body? I guess it does serve some purpose it that it enables you to explore new blogs, but the Technorati "counting of links" makes blogging into some sort of competitive game. I would delete my blogroll if I didn't think people would get upset. I use bloglines, not my blogroll, so it serves no real purpose other than acknowledgement of others -- which is fine, because we all want and like to feel acknowledged. But I would never think that a popular blog is "better" than any other. A humor or sex blog is always going to get more people interested than one about some serious personal matter. It is most important to find people you emotionally connect with -- like you noted. A lot of people link to popular blogs because it makes them feel more popular, like in high school.

That said, I've already been inspired by you and your writing, particularly your humor and heart.

Two Roads said...

Neil, since I know you are Jewish, I know you would never consider getting a tattoo. Oy gevalt, I can hear your mother fainting now.

As for your blogroll - I have found other bloggers from your list but I prefer going to the bloggers you mention in your daily musings.

Popular is a matter of taste like you said people you emotionally connect with - as for feeling popular (I love the correlation to high school - oh the memories!) that never has been my style. I like flying in under the radar and surprising the hell out of people.

By the way, what am I to do with my serious personal matter topics that I have already drafted? Oh my!

Thanks for the compliment - it is truly appreciated.

Eileen said...

I just back tracked to find your blog. I love it and for what it is worth- I'll add you to my blog roll, but I refuse to tattoo your name anywhere.

Two Roads said...

No tattoos necessary. I would never intentionally inflict pain on myself like that. But I do have two holes in both my ears for earrings. (That would be normal holes - not those holes that the kids are putting in their ears to hold their keys!)