Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yes i am an addict

No doubt about it. How many other people do you know use their blackberry to create their posts?

I was first introduced to the blackberry through work. I had a micromanager boss that thought it was a good idea that I had one for business. She thought nothing of calling and talking ad nauseum about nothing using up my personal cell minutes. So in came the blackberry. Anytime your boss "requires" you to have this device - put it off as long as possible until you see what kind of expectations your boss has concerning your availabilty.

Once blackberry in hand the boss had no qualms about calling or emailing anytime she was bored - drive time on the way to work, drive time on the way home, weekend errand runs etc. Oh she thought she was being courteous asking if she was calling at a bad time (say dinner) and would get offended if you said you had to make the call quick. I didn't think she was considerate. She was manipulative. Thank goodness she never understood the text messaging feature!

The emails at 4 am were the last straw. I started putting my blackberry to sleep from 11pm until 7am. Yes, she would call at 6am if she had a thought in that empty head of hers. (Yes, you may infer I didn't get along with the incompetent!). When I was no longer employed (she fired me because I planned on going to the board about the alledged misuse of company credit card by her favorite psychopath employee)I had to turn in the blackberry.

Well believe it or not I actually used the blackberry for more than text messaging and email. I love having my calendar, tasks and to do lists handy. So when t-mobile finally got the blackberry model I wanted - I sucked it up and purchased one. Never in my dreams did I envision surfing the web on this device, much less posting to my blog.

It's not the most convenient way to get around the internet but it works. I think I am going to have blackberry thumb syndrome one day from the constant use of the scrolling down web pages.

That's me - finding humor in the inaneness of this! Brings a smile to my face! (I do apologize for any grammar or spelling errors - I am winging it here with WORD to correct all my passive voice, split infinitives, run on sentences, and general misuse of the hypen!). Hey, I am not perfect.

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Paperback Writer said...


Loki refuses to let me get one of them. Says something about adding to my addiction.

I have no idea what he's talking about.