Thursday, September 14, 2006

It is a Sonny day in Georgia

First things first - I am out at the pool. Yes there is sun in the sky, warmth in the air and for some freaking reason the pool heater didn't kick in this morning so I am sitting around waiting for the water to not be boob-erecting cold!

As for Sonny, I am referring to the Governor of Georgia. From his mouth - Radio guest question: I haven't been able to find a way to have a friend write me a bill that saves me $100k on my taxes. I was wondering how I might be able to get that done. Governor response: Well, you get elected. (Source: AJC Newspaper 9/14/06 - Political Insider column by Tom Baxter & Jim Galloway)

Politics at its finest. I believe I live in a state that can't even put an ethics committee together because of all the cronism.

Let the election season begin - here comes all the backstabbing, mudslinging ads to pit the inane incumbent against an equally ineffective challenger.

We wonder why people who actually vote is at an all time low. Gee with such intelligent comments like that we should be concerned.

By the way, I vote in evry election so I feel I can voice my opinion. Those that don't vote use the above as why they don't vote. Poor excuse. It is a privilege that you should exercise so that you can have a voice. Not voting won't get you anywhere.

Have a great SUNNY day!

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Paperback Writer said...

My toes are cold. Send some of that sunshine here!