Sunday, September 10, 2006

Update on the Digs - Day 10

Day 6 - Sunny! Yeah - the sun gets to shine on my white body! Woo hoo! - No worries about sunburn - I use 15 on the bod and 25 on the face. The best part is that my strawberry blond hair that is usually on the dark side - turns beautifully blond from the sun. To think I use to pay to get my hair highlighted to blond. I miss my king size bed so I put in a request for a king size bed the next time I take care of the house, dogs and cats. I'm still trying to figure out a good temperature for the pool. Today it was 88 degrees and felt like bathwater but when I turned it down to 86 degrees my boobs lit up! :)

Day 7 - Overcast. I see a definite pattern here. The summer that has been the hottest and driest compared to the last couple of years. Pool installed at the last minute before out of town guests arrive. Heat wave breaks. Bring on overcast days, rainy afternoons. Friend ask to housesit and temps you with full run of the house and the pool. The house sitting is winning. I sit on the enclosed porch and look at the beautiful pool that I can only enjoy from a distant.

Day 8 - Partly cloudy. Ok, now partly cloudy is not too bad but now I've got a temperature issue - it's 74 degrees. Yes, the pool has a heater. Nothing but first class around here. There is a remote control to the pool. I've got the temperature set at 88 degrees which you think would be warm but not with the corresponding air temperature. I could just heat the hot tub area because I can turn the temperature up to over 100 degrees. You do realize that the pool is heated by natural gas. Should I be concerned about the homeowners' gas utility bill because I NEED to get my pool time?

Day 9 - Partly cloudy. Need I say more? At least on Saturday night the surprise party for my brother-in-law came off without a hitch. Big 4-0! Very surburban. I am such a city girl. I think I knew that when I lived 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia and spent most of my time on the road getting to the inner city to meet friends for dinner, dancing, plays, movies, drinks, whatever. City life that's the place for me.

Day 10 - Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!

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