Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bed glorious Bed

Here is a picture of the bed I shared with the dogs each night.

Here's a picture of my bed at home!

I'm back at home. Oh the glory of one's own bed. No dogs (the 4 legged kind) , no dog hair (from the 4 legged kind), no dog licking my face, hand, arm, leg or foot. No getting up at 7 am to to feed and walk the animals or give the cats their daily dose of starkist tuna in water. Sleeping late - right? Wrong. Ring, Ring at 8am. I did get to sleep all over the bed - I'm a mover and it is very hard to confine myself to 1/4 of a bed. While the animals were really not all that much trouble - I like my animal free life!

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Paperback Writer said...


Oh, yeah. Best laid plans...

Rhea said...

I read about your bed on Citizen of the Month, so I just had to visit in person!

Two Roads said...

Thank Rhea! I was hoping some men would visit too but I see Neil says he will sleep with them too!