Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have a blackberry. Why? Because I don't have GPS in my car and I can google from the blackberry for directions that you can actually read on the screen. The first blackberry I purchased died after 3 weeks. Why I have no idea? I spent 2 hours on the phone with T-mobile and then another 4 hours with RIM downloading, backing up and reinstalling software after software. I was extremely patient. No steam coming out of my ears after trying fix after fix which didn't work. They finally just gave up. I was instructed to return my unit and they would send me another.

I returned my unit to T-mobile in good faith and now they are telling me my unit was water damaged and want to charge me $100. From what? I went to bed with the blackberry on the counter and woke up the next day with a unit that couldn't do anything. T-mobile says that it could have been moisture in the air. I keep my condo at 76 (don't give me grief - I'm having hot flashes and night sweats). There is no way there was humidity in the air of my condo. And if a blackberry is so susceptible to mildew then it's a piece of crap.

So what do I do - I keep asking for the next higher level of management. After an hour of being transferred further up the line with supervisor after supervisor saying there was no way they would remove the $100 because the unit was found to have water damage I finally got someone to think outside the box. Solution - reduced my monthly rate $10 with the same amount of minutes, no extension of the contract and then threw in free mobile to mobile minutes. I still have to pay the $100 but in the end I will save over $200 for a net ahead of $100. This could have been a disaster but I was determined to stay on the phone all night long until something was resolved in my favor for what I felt was a totally wacked situation.

And for those doubters - I'm as honest as they come - even stood up for my ethics at the expense of my job. So there was no way that unit came in contact with water while in my possession.


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I really want a Blackberry. But I can't afford the price.