Friday, August 25, 2006

Everyone loves a list

1.Favorite song to slow dance to: Moon River (not Smoke on the Water).
2.Worst song to dance to: Free Bird.
3.Love and fear: motorcycles and roller coasters.
4.Least favorite exercise: running.
5.Favorite machine at the gym: inner/outer thigh machines.
6.Things to do at the beach: layout at the pool; walk on the beach (never sit or lay in the sand);shop at the outlets; play putt-putt; go to the movies; eat as much seafood as I can stand.
7.Most awesome site: Mt. Rainier.
8.It is very rare I remember composers/singers or singing group names or the titles to songs but if you can hum the tune I might be able to tell you the lyrics (my version of the lyrics, which might differ from the official lyrics).
9.I love live theatre – drama/musicals/strange – not picky.
10.I hate the ballet.
11.I will listen to any kind of music that is not country/hard core nasty rap/acid rock. Country disguised as Top 40 is also waitlisted.
12.I have been told my condo is like a meat locker in the summer, nice, and toasty in the winter.
13.I like going to the playground and swinging on the swings as high as my heart will allow me.
14.I only watch college basketball during March Madness.
15.I love Atlanta Braves baseball – win or lose – live or TV – and best when spending the time with my Dad.
16.I will go to a hockey game but do not expect me to watch. I only socialize during the game.
17.I do not have a favorite football team anymore but I like the sport. I will watch or go to a game with my significant other but I will not suggest it as an activity.
18.I like sushi but am not very good at eating it (or Chinese food) with chopsticks. I prefer the knife and fork although cutting through sushi rolls is somewhat of a mess.
19.My favorite water is ice cold plain (not flat, not fizz and no flavors)!
20.I love making the turkey for Thanksgiving.
21.I am a red meat eater this includes lamb and veal. I will eat pork chops but do not even think about ham.
22.Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.
23.If a book catches my attention, I can finish it within a week.
24.I have a dimple in my left cheek and my brother has a dimple in his right cheek. I am left-handed and my brother is right-handed.
25.I just learned to enjoy coffee. I still do not like beer. Cabernet sauvignon is my favorite red wine.
26.I would love to do the Amazing Race.
27.I have only been to London. I want to see or visit all the United States first. Seattle is my favorite city for the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. San Diego is my favorite city for the Pacific Ocean and the ambient weather.
28. I consider New York City my second home. I will not watch anything to do with 9/11. I was home, saw the devastation and continued to watch and read everything for the next 45 days until I could make a trip and see for myself.
29. I learned to give insulin shots when I had to give my cat shots. Just do not expect me to be able to pill a dog or a cat.
30.I have tried to water ski and snow ski – I know my weaknesses and am not afraid to just sit in the boat or hang out in the ski lodge.



Manic Mom said...

Hi! I'm honored to be the first to post! Great list! SO many insightful things!

I am having trouble continuing my list.

Glad you started a blog. It's addicting.

Two Roads said...

MM, I started my list so I would have a foundation for the blog - also something just in case it was a slow day!