Saturday, March 17, 2007

He cleaned up the shit!

Guess what? BFNM was in town this week. Just for 2 short days. I am house sitting for my friend with the big house, beautiful pool and lots of animals. BFNM had to come in town for his annual physical so he got to stay at the big house with me. Thank goodness he's an animal-person.

He came in Wednesday night and we went to our favorite restaurant. The same restaurant that when he lived here that between the two of us over the course of a year we spent over $4,000 in meals. Yep, we ate there alot. I know that chain is wondering why their bottle wine sales are off. Anyway, 4 hours of dinner later we made it to the big house. Big hug! Same friend kiss and off to our separate rooms. I didn't sleep good only because of the hot flashes. I am not sure if the hot flashes were hormonal or because all my dreams involved BFNM. Hah!

The next morning we had a leisurely morning sitting out on the screened porch enjoying our coffee and picking up our conversation from the evening before. He went off to see his doctors and I went to see mine. I scheduled an appointment as a cover so that I could go in late to work. Thursday night we met back up at the big house but neither was hungry so we scoped the three refrigerators for wine and found something we both would drink. We finished off a bottle of chardonnay before heading out for sushi - yummy! Thank goodness for DVR - Grey's Anatomy turned out to be a new episode and I knew we wouldn't make it back in time for the show.

I enjoy his company so much. We made a pact. When he gets his job in Europe or the Middle East then we will begin planning a spot to spend Thanksgiving week. Wherever he is that week will now be "our" vacation week. He said if we are seeing others that they would be welcomed along with his eldest daughter and eldest granddaughter. I said well don't plan on me bringing along anyone but I wouldn't mind if he had someone and since I already get along with his daughter and granddaughter that would be great. I have my fingers crossed that he finds something very soon to get him out of Naples. It's not been easy on him these last couple of months - his father passing away, his sister and brother in law being total assholes and now his mother's declining health. It has gotten so wonky with his sister I told him to just pack his bag and come to Atlanta and stay in my spare room. Unasked for advice and unreasonable expectations along with the immature behavoir of his brother in law is not a healthy environment.

Anyway, Friday morning when we awoke as I was making my way downstairs to feed the animals I stepped into throwup at the top of the stairs. It was very dry but none the less throw up. I looked close and it had carrots. That means the throwup came from the dog. UGH. So I cleaned it up and BFNM came out of his room with me kneeling down finishing cleanning up the floor. Thank goodness it was all on the hardwoods. So we head to the kitchen and what greets us. SHIT! No lie. Right in front of the refrigerator. I start freaking. Poor dog - something must have really upset his stomach to do that. I start searching for anything to clean the mess up without touching the SHIT. Meanwhile, BFNM has gotten the paper towels and cleaned it all up before I return with a broom and pan. OH MY GOODNESS! He cleaned up the shit! I couldn't believe it. That is one BEST FRIEND! He's a keeper. Forever. I love him. He knows it. He loves me. I know it. I have the BEST FRIEND EVER and FOREVER! (We are still just friends - that is just the way it is and will be. I am perfectly okay. He wanted to know what he does for me and I told him - my life is richer, calmer and full of love with him in it. It truly is and I wouldn't have it any other way.)

The dog is okay. I found out that I am not suppose to give the dog a carrot before he goes to bed for the night. The dog sleeps with his head hanging over the side of the bed and apparently makes him sick if he has a carrot in his stomach. And once it comes out of one end, it is possible it might come out the other end - which it did. Lesson learned. How lucky was I to have BFNM be here when this happened! :) Smiles everyone..

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That was nice of him to clean up.