Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Asking for Good Karma

I have an interview tomorrow. Can you believe? The day before Thanksgiving and someone wants to interview me. You bet I didn't have any issues setting this one up. Trying to maintain my composure. I sure don't want to look desparate. Though between you and me, if I am offered the job I will take it. Thanks for your good karma in advance!

So how did I spend today. Cutting, chopping, mincing, and pulling bread apart. I figured since I have 4 dishes and the turkey to cook on Thanksgiving day I might as well take some pressure off myself and do a little prep work. Now all I have to do is put all the ingredients together on Thursday morning. I made the peppermint bark (basically white chocolate and peppermints mixed together) on Sunday so I could make little take home bags for everyone coming to dinner. So the one sweet thing I can make and it's candy. Right now my condo smells of all the wonderful flavors of the meal I will be making. I love the smell! Yummy I can't wait.

If you are traveling, travel safe and have a great time. If you are staying home, have a great holiday too.


Swishy said...

Fingers double-crossed! Good luck and have a great holiday.

Paperback Writer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm going to stuff myself at my friend's house!

Anonymous said...

good luck!!! and happy thanksgiving!!!