Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lista - parte quattro

91. I am analytical and am very good at reading people’s body language.

92. If a fruit can be peeled by hand, I cannot do it; I must use a knife. Though a knife and fork are great for eating barbeque ribs I prefer eating with my hands; I do not like ice cream on a cone and forget about mushrooms on/near anything.

93. I love the smell after a rainfall.

94. A planetarium is a wonderful place to spend time.

95. My first car was a blue, two door Chevy Impala – age unknown or rather forgotten – the car was my grandfather’s.

96. Tough exterior – softy inside.

97. I need the TV to fall asleep and do not like to be awaken by a buzzer.

98. Favorite Movies: Remember the Titans; Shawshank Redemption; Gone with the Wind; Legends of the Fall; Last of the Mohicans; The Count of Monte Cristo; A League of Their Own; The Way We Were; Finding Nemo; An Affair to Remember; Fargo; Schindler’s List; Fried Green Tomatoes; Michael; Ten Commandments (Charlton Heston version); The King and I (Yul Brynner); Free Willy; October Sky; The Rock; A River Runs Through It; The Minority Report; Independence Day; GI Jane; Amistad

99. I allow myself to grow by showing my vulnerability and insecurity; I don’t always live in my comfort zone and I don’t always play it safe.

100. I can’t choose my circumstances but I can choose my attitude towards it.

101. I like having fun even when I’m doing nothing.

102. Motto: I work like I don’t need money, love like I’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.

103. I find beauty in nature.

104. I know enough to be dangerous with computers but still consider myself very much the novice.

105. Crest is the toothpaste of choice, but please no baking soda.

106. I fell down a spiral staircase in a law office and had 8 people asking if I needed anything from the corporate “bar”.

107. I love science or biology related topics.

108. I don’t have much tolerance for people who are suppose to know their jobs and have others performing all their tasks and taking the credit for themselves.

109. I can only cook by following a recipe but I cannot bake (recipe or not).

110. My Cousin Vinny is one of the top funniest movies.

111. I like my man to take care of himself but he doesn’t have to be anal about every bit of food that crosses his lips.

112. I use the term you guys even though I’m from the south.

113. I can eat soup year round – even on the hottest day of the summer.

114. I see nothing wrong with talking out issues with a therapist. Usually confirms many things my friends have already told me.

115. I took Zoloft because of a micromanaging senile boss.

116. I like Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson but cannot stand David Letterman and Conan Obrein.

117. When Jay Leno retires from the Tonight Show I am going to have to find some other TV show to lull me to sleep.

118. I love scarves and refer to a how to tie a scarf book everytime I wear one.

119. I once smelled the daffodils so much that my sinuses became so swollen that I had to have my nose fixed.

120. I don’t think sports figures are heroes. Heroes are people who actually put their life on the line for someone else.


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