Thursday, September 21, 2006

Refrigerator Inspiration

Growing up the front of the refrigerator became the household bulletin board. We had a refrigerator with the freezer on the top and the refrigerator on the bottom. No side by sides for my Mom - there was no way a side by side ever (and to this day) has enough space to hold uncooked and leftovers. My Mom cooked every day but Saturday. Saturday night was date night so Dad was responsible to take the kids out for dinner at either The Varsity, Burger King, McDonalds or Krystal's.

But I digress, back to the refrigerator - Mom would put the free calendar from the local funeral directors in the center of the freezer door so we could add to the calendar anything we had important going on. Recipes, pictures from parties, bills that were due, invitations to parties occupied the refrigerator from time to time. About a two months ago Mom decided to clear off the refrigerator - she said it needed cleaning (which meant my Mom was bored that day and the clutter on the refrigerator finally annoyed her - if she could only see the clutter on the counter top all would be good). My sister and I (being the evil sisters that we are) took bets on how fast the clutter would make its way back to the refrigerator front. We called it Creepy Clutter. Eight days - only took one party invitation and the clutter returned. We gave her two weeks.

Clutter never happens on a stainless steel refrigerator. You can't put magnets on a stainless steel refrigerator. I think my Mom would have refrigerator clutter withdrawals with a stainless steel refrigerator. I know I would!

Here's some tidbits of wisdom (or nonsense - depending on your preference) from the magnets on my refrigerator:

Create time for: today, life, fun, vacation, play, home

You enjoy the future.

We succeed to want a cool life vacationing. Enjoy it today.

I think I love You.

We want fun. Get it.

See. Play. Welcome. Grow. Enjoy time home.

State I want to succeed in the land of oz.

We see love and welcome growing it.

Get focus. Expand. Have force. Invest. Shop.

Have a focus. Expand in the future.

Grow loving in life.

State business. Think high. Succeed. Expand. Invest and create cool great fun.

Work is for business.

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Paperback Writer said...

My parents fridge has become a clutter magnate. It was never this way when I was growing up. My fridge? An organized clutter, thank you. :) I'll take a picture to show you.

Neil said...

I think is funny -- and true -- how the fridge is the real organizer and "home central" for many of us. Maybe because real life tends to focus on the kitchen.

Paperback Writer said...

And can I just say, that I desperately hate my kitchen? I love Douglas Manor. I truly do, but my kitchen? It feel prepetually dirty to me. There's no amount of scrubbing I can do to rid my kitchen of the feeling I feel whenever I'm in it.

I try really hard to think about it whenever I'm cooking.

Two Roads said...

I think I would have to take everything out of the refrig and then go over it with a very weak bleach/water mix. My refrig can only be dirty from the messes I create...

Paperback Writer said...

Oh, no. My fridge...second cleanest appliance in the kitchen. The first? My stove. But my sink? Abysmal. Ew....